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Diligence Specialist Infrastructure Project Managers are proud of our people focused business. We are committed to recruiting good calibre individuals who will benefit our clients as well as themselves. We seek to give, but we also expect to receive good performance to ensure you feel proud. 

So, whether it is for individuals that are new to the workplace, or those with an abundance of experience and of course those in-between, we'll be happy for you to get in touch!

We value our employees by:

1. Hiring individuals who are motivated in their field then ensuring their piece of the Diligence jigsaw matches them - we don't take them on in one field and put them elsewhere (unless they approach us to change their path!)

2. Investing in people through communication, respect, training and our innovative employment approach.

3. Offering personal incentives both as you achieve goals and as an employee - not just financial, but other areas. Let's start with Celebration Day - your birthday is a day off if you want it!

4. Develop your role, develop your area - budding entrepreneurs but not wanting the risk? Why not tell us your ideas and see how we can develop it with you? Build your plans and if it's something you feel we can offer through Diligence, we will definitely be interested!

5. Paying the right salary and offering volunteering time for interests in your community or for the Diligence charity of choice.

6. Work - life balance is also important for that reason, we intend to make the work-life great, so you can cope with fun and challenges in the home life!

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