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Diligence is proud to offer many services to support both our Clients and our People.

For our Clients.

Diligence provides all types of business support to enhance your project or departmental teams.  Our Project Office Support and other Business Services all make Diligence an all-rounded partner in your 'business as usual'.

We can provide, amongst other offerings:

  • Project Management Support - Project Office, Document Managers and Assistant Project Managers
  • Coaching, both for individuals and for teams to include personal and professional development* 
  • Editing and business reporting on various in-house and external articles; 
  • Business writing including process and procedural documentation for a startup business, 
  • Additional administrative and secretarial support before, during and after conferences – our clients often only need a few days or weeks support in addition to their existing teams
  • Attendance as representatives of the client at events

* We can offer coaching for individuals and teams, as part of the project management requirements – goal setting, change management, personal growth, and commercial excellence - or separately commissioned by any interested customers.

For our People.

Diligence is committed to ensuring our people are supported in their professional and personal development. We utilise many support and development tools including coaching, mentoring and skills training and have a strong focus on personal well-being.

We welcome people new to the world of Project Management to our team and offer a training programme which ensures any qualifications are enhanced with real hands-on experience.

Our graduates, apprentices or those wanting to change career are all encouraged to put their learning into practice overseen by a mentor. This not only ensures that qualifications are complimented by real project experience but also shows how those project managers of the future will become a mentor to new people too.

With regards to personal well-being, our notable items include, but are not limited to:

  • Mindfulness 
  • Self development
  • Exploring hobbies or gaining a qualification outside of the profession
  • Access to counselling
  • Knowing the business and their part for a long-term future
  • Empowerment with responsibility and accountability – enabling achievement

Diligence is committed to ensuring that our people are the best they can be and in the future, we plan to become an employee owned business so that our people really do feel their career and the company are steadfast for the future.

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